Ruloans Partner App – Refer and Earn in Lakhs

Referring and earning has been a concept that everyone loves. This is because you can earn cash back, discounts, coupons and a lot more just by referring a product/service to your friends and relatives. But what if you were to know that there is a “Refer and Earn” service where you can not only help your friends and relatives but also earn a lot of money for yourself.

Ruloans, one of India’s leading loan distributors has taken one more huge step to showcase their vision of helping customers to borrow rightly by launching their first ever mobile application titled “Ruloans Partner App”.

In this mobile application, there are two sections namely “Partner” and “Refer and Earn”. The term “Partner” is for those who want to join Ruloans and work full time as a partner. The term “Refer and Earn” is for anyone who wants to refer a loan lead and wants to do this part time. Every time a lead given by you is disbursed, you get a certain % as commission.

Here’s how it works;

Download the mobile application – Ruloans Partner App

Register by providing basic details.

Sign in as “Refer and Earn”.

Once you get a lead, fill in their basic details on the app along with loan requirement.

Once you submit these details, a Ruloans executive will work talk to the customer and understand his/her requirement.

Our representative will help them throughout the loan process.

If their loan requirement gets sanctioned and the loan amount is disbursed, you shall receive a certain payout amount.

For each type of a loan, there is a specific payout given (Check app to understand what % payout is provided for all loans).

The more leads you get, the more chances you get to earn.

Here’s your chance to help your friends, relatives, colleagues who require funds urgently. You can help them be free from all worries and side by side earn a good amount of money too. With Ruloans, you can expect better customer service, best deals on loans and quicker responses. We help you borrow right and always strive to live up to our vision. So download the Ruloans app today and start earning!

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