Pay these major expenses with a Loan Against Property in Mumbai.

Having a grand wedding is a dream of every prospective groom, bride and family in Mumbai. A wedding is not just a ceremony but it’s the beginning of a new journey. Just like any other celebration in Mumbai, weddings are a grand affair. Thus they cost a lot. There are various expenses you have to pay for when you decide to have a grand wedding. You can easily pay these expenses by taking a loan against property in Mumbai. LAP is a type of secured mortgage loan, with a lower interest rate, longer tenure and maximum amount.

You can easily pay these major 6 wedding expenses with a loan against property in Mumbai.

Travel expenses for you and your guests:

Whether you have a destination wedding or a wedding in your home town, travelling is inevitable. You have to arrange proper travel services to receive your guests from the station/airport and then for everyone to go from their accommodation to the wedding venue. If you are having a grand wedding then you have to arrange for a bus to accommodate your guests. The overall transportation will be expensive.

Gifts for relatives:

Gifts are an inevitable part of any wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are showered with gifts on their wedding day. But even they have to give something to their guests in return. These gifts are often expensive as they have gold ornaments or expensive clothing items. Here the funds from your loan against property can come in handy.

Outfits for all occasions:

In India, weddings are not a one-day affair. Weddings usually last for 3-4 weeks comprising various ceremonies on each day. Each ceremony is celebrated in its traditional way with special food, decorations and themes. Obviously, the bride and the groom wear different clothes for each ceremony. So this expense can be covered by your loan.

Decorators and caterers:

Proper decorations and ample food are the main attraction of any wedding. If you are having a themed wedding in Mumbai, then these two components play a major part in making the theme wedding success. But having good decorators and caterers in Mumbai is very expensive. You can pay their bills and have your dream wedding with your loan against property funds.

Venue fees:

In Mumbai, you can celebrate your wedding at various venues. You can decide the venues as per your convenience, budget and themed ceremonies. The venue rent in Mumbai is very high. You can make the payment from your loan funds.

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