Join & Become the Best Loan DSA with Ruloans

DSA Loan is the most trending news in the loan industry. Direct selling agents as they’re called bring a variety of loan leads to different Banks and NBFCs. Once these loans are disbursed, they get a payout (commission). Since the past decade, the DSA model has gained a lot of momentum and many energetic individuals want to become a DSA and earn high income!

Who is a DSA?

According to us, a DSA (Direct selling agent) is a sales agent with a super power! With that power he/she understands the financial needs of people. It can get very difficult when you don’t have money and don’t know where to find it.

DSA agents usually will help you find the right type of loan, help you choose the loan amount and also complete the whole loan application for you. Through their help customers can get the loan they desire.

Who can become a DSA?

Anyone who is a resident in India and is of legal age can apply for this position. However Ruloans prefers to find people that have at least little knowledge of Banking and loan industry. This helps us in grooming them to get ready to face the market.

How to become a DSA with Ruloans?

All you need to do is visit our page and APPLY HERE. We will contact you, set up a meeting and then can discuss the partnership. With Ruloans, you can be a dsa home loan, dsa personal loan, dsa credit card, dsa business loan and many more.

How much income can you earn as a DSA?

A Direct selling agency helps you earn your true earning potential. When you join Ruloans, you join a brand that has been helping customers borrow right always. When they get their loan disbursed, you as a DSA will get commission. Bank DSA commission differs from Bank to Bank and also from product to product.

So if you’re looking for an exciting opportunity as a DSA, join the Ruloans partner program and earn high income every month!

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