How you can be Financially Responsible in 2019

2019 is just a few days away. The year 2018 began with a bang and has speeded away till the finish line. Many still aren’t used to writing 2018 and now will have to struggle to write 2019 again! But this is not the only struggle which you will have to face. With NEW Year come OLD responsibilities.

Why OLD responsibilities in NEW Year?

How-you-can-be-Financially-Responsible-in-2019-1Financial responsibilities are never ending. You cannot change it any time. There are certain responsibilities which you have to take so that your life is always on track. We have listed down these important priorities which can help you balance your financial life!

Plan on improving your credit score – As the year begins, you must understand where you currently stand. Once you know that, you can plan accordingly step by step so that in one year there can be a significant increase in your credit score.How-you-can-be-Financially-Responsible-in-2019

Auto Pay – These two words can always make a big difference in your financial profile. If you have this feature installed in your net banking, making payments becomes very easy. For those who forget paying bills on time, this feature can help you save “late payment charges” and “extra interest amount”.

Clear pending debts – Do not begin the New Year with pending debts of the old year. Try your best to clear all of these debts. This is because keeping debts piled up affects your credit score. Depending on how long that debt has been piled up, you will be suffering as your credit score will only improve post clearing pending debts.


Pay your bills on time – Finally, once you do all of the above, ensure that there is no error or negative mark on your credit report. You can do this by


paying all your credit card bills in full. You should not take up the option of “Minimum amount due” as not paying the whole due amount looks bad on your credit profile. Apart from this, you must also pay your loan EMI on time without defaulting anytime.

As the New Year is approaching, Ruloans wishes that you are financially responsible in 2019. Doing so will have multi fold benefits for your future. So, let us welcome 2019 with happiness and a secure plan.

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