General Uses of a HDFC Personal Loan

HDFC personal loans are so quick that by the time you read this sentence, the loan amount is already disbursed. Yes, pre approved HDFC personal loans can be disbursed in 10 seconds*. This offer applies for those who have an account with HDFC Bank. If you are worried about how is this possible, then we can tell you how. Since the person is already associated with the bank, HDFC already has their documents. Hence calculating their eligibility is easy. After doing so, they will provide an offer of a personal loan to the customer. If the customer responds with a yes, the loan amount is instantly disbursed. Isn’t that great?

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HDFC Personal loans can be used for multiple uses. As an individual, you don’t need to justify to the bank why do you want the personal loan. You can utilize it for multiple uses. Hence it is more popular than other loan options where the need is already defined like home loan for a house, car loan for a car, loan against property for property and business loan for business.

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Below we have mentioned different uses of a HDFC personal loan;

You can consolidate older and smaller debts. When you have few credit cards whose bills you have not yet completely paid off, they start generating high interest. The interest % can go more than 30%*. This is not healthy for you and hence it will be wise if you can take a HDFC personal loan instead. The interest % here begins from 11.25%* onward where the interest % is less than half. Hence you can take the HDFC personal loan amount and clear all your small debts.

You can finance studies anywhere in the world. Education today is more costly than it was a decade ago. But that doesn’t mean you stop studying. If you wish to study more but have lesser funds at your disposal, take a HDFC personal loan and pay your tuition fees with it. You can get tax benefits on interest payments too.

You can finance your dream wedding. Costs associated with wedding are very high. For those who wish to celebrate their special day without any worry, a HDFC personal loan can be the best solution. You can utilize the loan amount and enjoy your dream wedding.

You can travel anywhere in the world. There are so many beautiful sights all over the world. For the wanderer within you, HDFC personal loans can help by providing you funds which you can use to travel anywhere in the world.

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These are the most general uses of a HDFC personal loan. But there are many more uses like renovating your home, purchasing the latest high end laptop or smart phone etc.  You might also have more wishes which can be utilized with a HDFC personal loan. So don’t wait anymore. Apply today and get the best offers.

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