Financial habits that can spoil your future

We have always known that you must be careful with your expenses and always save. Unfortunately most of us take it very easy until priorities start to kick in. This habit is very bad and that can spoil our financial position in future. Hence to retire peacefully, it’s important to improve your financial habits. Listed below are few habits that you must avoid at all times in order to have a tension free life.

I  Borrowing More Than You Can Afford To:

Borrowing more than you can afford hampers your savings and investment decisions. It also affects your credit score which you need to maintain very well in order to avail loans in the future.

II  Not Paying Bills on Time:

One habit you need to always keep in check is paying bills on time. Yes, we all falter usually and it’s not a good habit. Firstly because with every late payment there are penalties associated. Hence paying on time helps.

III  Indulging Too Much:

We need to be cautious with our spending. Often we indulge in habits that cost us a lot. Yes, it does give us happiness but that happiness comes with a huge cost. Hence it is highly advisable to indulge according to your earning and not overspending more than your income.

 IV Investing without Goals:

Just going ahead with investments is not right. You need to be clear with your expectations. Investing without a goal leads to nothing. Having a diversified portfolio saves you from market risks.

V Fixation with Tax-Saving:

Always thinking of tax saving is also not a good habit. There are many schemes and options which are lucrative but might not have tax saving options. It is not wise to let go of such opportunities as it can hamper your income growth.

 VI Making Wrong Investment Choices:

Investing is good. Making the wrong choices however can lead to a loss for you. Yes, just because everyone is investing in mutual funds, you don’t need to. Some might say that stocks are the flavor of the season. That doesn’t mean you flock and invest blindly. Careful research is needed to avoid making the wrong choice.

VII  Not taking Insurance:

Assuming that nothing can happen to you is not good. Not purchasing a health insurance is a risk you are putting over your family and yourself. In today’s time having a life and medical insurance is smart thinking. You make sure that your family’s future is safe and secure.

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