DSA Loan partner program for Business Loan

What is a business loan?

Business loans are loans given out to specific individuals that are either running their business or plan to start up their own venture. Such loans help these visionaries with the capital that is required in the day to day running activities. With the loan amount, one can not only set up their business but also compete with other players in the market and earn profit.

There are so many business persons in India that business loans are now becoming very popular. With such demand for this loan product, Banks and NBFCs have lots of opportunities to convert many customers and help them build their dream. One such way of doing this is through a partner program.

Why should I join the partner program?

There is a lot of effort that goes into finding the right customers and converting that lead. Doing this alone might be tiresome and hence by joining a partner program, you can get help from the Bank/NBFC as well as their network.

Why join Ruloans partner program for business loan?

We at Ruloans have been in the loan industry for over a decade. We know how the industry works, the process, the timelines and also how quick payouts matter a lot to the partners. Hence we have come up with a special partner program for agents that specially deal in business loans. As a business loan partner you have to seek salaried individuals who might be in need of a business loan.

There are 2 ways how our partner program works for business loans;

You must complete the whole loan process right from filling in the details of the business person and their requirements. Then you must submit the file to us.

You must share the lead details with us along with their business loan requirement. Ruloans will then contact the lead, follow up with them, complete their loan application and maintain the file.

When do I get paid?

As a business loan partner you get paid whenever you convert a lead yourself or the lead details given to us by you gets converted. More leads mean more the income for you. Ruloans USP is that they are one of the best paymasters in India. Hence you can expect faster payouts each month. The payouts will be released once a month.

How do I join the partner program?

You can simply join the business loan partner program by Ruloans through filling in your details on this form. Once you apply for the partner program, we will set up an appointment with you and discuss how the business can be taken to new heights. Grow your income and career by taking this excellent opportunity. Apply today.

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