DSA Loan – How to Apply for Partner Program

A loan agent is a person who works individually in finding potential leads who require a loan. There are many loans available in the market like personal loans, business loans, home loans, mortgage loans, car loans, gold loans etc. The loan agent will research and help the people get the loan they want. For doing this work, they get paid a certain commission from the Bank which can be termed as a “Payout”.

How do the loan agents approach a Bank?

Loan agents usually will be affiliated with a Bank/NBFC under their affiliate partner program. Hence they would work on getting loan leads in favor of that specific Bank.

What is a loan partner program?

A Loan partner program is where a loan agent works and generates leads. These leads might require any kind of a loan. The agent would be in charge of handling all their information, getting their form ready. Once they complete their application, the form must be submitted with the Bank. The Bank will then complete the loan process and disburse the loan amount to the customer. For this work, the loan agent will be paid a certain commission.

Why should I join as a loan agent?

A loan agent can generate unlimited leads. When the lead you generated gets their loan amount disbursed, you get paid a commission. If you can generate maximum leads and they get their loan through us, as an agent you can earn in lakhs each month.

Why join Ruloans partner program?

Ruloans has been in the loan industry since the past decade. In all this while we have handled all kinds of loan products and helped customers borrow rightly. Our motto is always to help customers with services that are much more than money.

With time Ruloans plans to be the market leader in India and hence with the Ruloans partner program we now have spread over 500 cities in India. Hence joining us gives you a PAN India network and a team that is always there to help you grow in your career.

How does the Ruloans partner program work?

There are two ways the partner program works;

In the first part of the program, you will find the lead, get their loan application filled and then submit all the completed form to us. We shall then get this submitted to the Bank of the customer’s choice. Once the loan amount is disbursed, you will be eligible for a payout depending on the loan product.

In the second part of the program, you will find the lead and pass on their contact details and loan requirement to us. We shall then complete the whole loan application process. Once the loan amount is disbursed, you shall be eligible for the refer and earn payout depending on the loan product.

Where can I get the highest payout?

When you choose the first part of the partner program where you do all the work and submit the file to Ruloans, the payout amount is higher due to the efforts put in by our loan agent.

When you choose the second part of the partner program, the payout amount is less as compared to the first part because here you just refer a person who requires a loan.

How to apply for Ruloans partner program?

You can apply for Ruloans partner program

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