Can a Personal Loan Be Used to Refinance Credit Card Debt?

While people use personal loans for many purposes, from paying off medical bills to purchasing RVs, consolidating credit card loan may be one of the most common uses. You can remove several monthly high-interest card payments and combine the debt into one monthly personal loan payment through a personal loan to settle the credit card debt. This frequently results in lower interest rates. 

Reasons to Use Personal Loan to Pay off Credit Card Debt

Using personal loans to pay off credit card balances is a type of debt consolidation, and consolidating debts into a single monthly payment has many benefits.

Fully Settle Credit Card Debt

You can use a personal loan to clear your credit card debts if you have substantial credit card balances. You’ll still have to repay your personal loan after paying off your credit cards. However, paying off your high credit card bills and waving goodbye to the hefty interest rates that come with them can be a huge financial relief.

Lower Interest Rates

There’s a strong chance that a personal loan will have a considerably lower interest rate than your credit cards. However, your actual interest rate will depend on your credit score, the amount you plan to borrow, and the loan’s terms.

You could save a lot on interest payouts by using your personal loan to pay off your credit card debt if you take out a personal loan with a lower rate than what you’re paying on your credit cards.

Easier To Manage Monthly Payments

It can be challenging to balance several credit card payments each month. Thanks to personal loans, you can combine all your credit card debts into a single monthly payment. Planning and saving money for your monthly loan payment would be a lot simpler due to this debt consolidation. You can use an EMI calculator to estimate the monthly instalment of a personal loan.

Reasons to Not Pay off Credit Card Loan Using Personal Loan

While taking out a personal loan to pay off credit card debt has many advantages, the disadvantages cannot be overlooked.

Managing Your Debts

A personal loan is just another type of debt. Clearing off your credit card debt using a personal loan can be quite helpful if you are mindful of your spending habits. However, being used to using credit cards to make payments frequently may be a difficult habit to get rid of.

As long as you are able to keep this in check and are mindful of your debts in totality, borrowing a personal loan to clear off credit card balances helps you in being financially sound. 

No Guarantee on Lower Interest Rates

Having a clean, positive credit history is important to pass the personal loan eligibility test. Sometimes, in case of adverse credit history, the interest rates offered on a personal loan may not help in saving much on the interest payout. It is important to ensure that you maintain a good credit record in case you plan on clearing off credit card debts using a personal loan.

Costs Associated with Personal Loans

An origination fee is one of many fees associated with personal loans, along with others like late payment and insufficient funds fees. Before deciding to borrow a personal loan, be sure you are informed of any possible costs associated with a personal loan.

The Bottom Line

To pay off your credit card loan and recover control over your finances, you can take out a personal loan. However, it isn’t the only choice for those who wish to pay off their credit card debt. Another effective method of combining your credit card balances into a single monthly payment is using a balance transfer credit card.

Choose the option that best suits your needs. Ensure the personal loan you are considering has an interest rate lower than that of your credit cards. Have a strategy for repaying the loan without accruing more credit card debt. This is the most effective strategy to use a personal loan to settle credit card loan.  If you want a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt, Ruloans can help you get the lowest interest rates.

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