Are We Independent?

It’s the 72nd year of independence for us Indians. Since 1947, we have evolved and reached new heights in the world. India does make a difference. Indians all around the globe make a difference. We have cities that can match up with world class standards. We have influential people who contribute their services to the world and make us as a nation very proud.

On the other hand, we also are known for illiteracy, poverty, living from hand to mouth and many more such terms. We have cities where some know a lot and some know nothing. We have cities where someone earns a 6 digit salary and his/her neighbor earns a 4 digit salary. Why such differences? Why isn’t there any equality?

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While there can be many explanations to this, I believe that the root cause of this is not being informed. Yes, there are many who do not know how the nation is changing, the wages are increasing and hence they get easily duped off their potential. If everyone had access to information and were on the same page, the concept of poverty can cease to exist. If everyone embraces digital independency, they don’t need help or support from anyone. They can build their own story and go ahead in life.

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We are in 2018 and hence I believe it’s high time we help those who have potential but are being left behind because they don’t have or don’t know how to access information around the world. Start this process from your parents. Teach them how to operate the Smartphone, different apps and be patient with them. Let them be independent in a way that you can be worry free. The use of UPI allows us to transfer money instantly to anyone. Let the people around you know about this so they don’t waste precious time of their schedule in running to the banks.

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There are many more little things like these which can be taught to the people you care. Let’s spread this knowledge and get everyone on the same page. Our national flag which has the 3 colors Saffron, White and Green stand for Sacrifice, Peace and Prosperity. Let’s ensure that we can spread prosperity around everyone so we all can excel together. On this Independence Day when our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi hoists the Indian flag, let’s pledge together to help the people around us so they can be financially and digitally independent. That’s how India will move ahead.

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