A General Outlook on HDFC Personal Loans

Personal loans in India are one of the most famous choices in the List of loans in India. They are popular because there is no collateral which is required to be kept. Also, you are under no obligation to mention to the Bank why you require a personal loan. With this, it is safe to say that personal loans are multipurpose loans.

When you want to look for the best personal loans in India, there are major Banks in India that help you fulfill your dreams instantly. HDFC Bank is one of such major players who have successfully helped millions of customers realize their dream with smart solutions in the form of personal loans.

How can I get personal loan from HDFC Bank?

You can get a personal loan from HDFC in 3 ways;

Applying offline by visiting any HDFC Branch within India.

Applying online on HDFC’s web portal.

Applying via Ruloans to get the best deals and lowest interest rates available.

How long does it take for HDFC personal loan?

Getting a HDFC personal loan is not a lengthy process. They do not ask for many documents and only with little proof, they ascertain if you are eligible for the personal loan or no. In such scenarios, it should not take more than 5-7 working days* for your loan application to be approved. Once the approval is in place, you can get the loan amount disbursed quickly.

What are the documents required for HDFC personal loan?

The most basic documents required to apply for HDFC personal loan is,

Identity and address proof which includes copies of passport, Aadhar card, voter ID card and driving license.

Banking proof which includes bank statements of past 3 months and passbook of 6 months.

Income proof which includes latest salary slips since the past 3 months and Form 16 (for salaried individuals only).

What is the minimum salary to get personal loan?

The minimum salary to apply for a HDFC personal loan is 20,000 INR per month. This income must be the “cash in hand” salary and not the gross income. Apart from the income, you need to clear the personal loan eligibility set by HDFC bank.

Hence if a HDFC personal loan is required, visit Ruloans.com and unlock the best offers available. We will help you get the lowest interest rates possible.

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