Why you should buy a second hand car?

Buying a car is many people’s dream or necessity or in many cases, both. When someone buys a car, every person has his/her own reasons but one question goes through everyone’s mind: Why you should buy a second hand car? Well you can buy a brand new car or not get a car at all! But there are certain benefits you can enjoy by buying a second hand car.

Easy availability

The market to buy and sell second hand cars is huge. People in India buy and sell cars for their various personal and professional reasons. You can buy a second hand car online; form a dealer for from your acquaintance easily. As the cars you may buy have quick accessibility, it makes it easier for you to buy a second hand car in no time!

Cost friendly

Second hand cars are much cost friendly as you have to pay the car’s current on-road price considering its overall condition and for how long it has ran. Accordingly you can buy a car which you won’t be buying if it were a new car. Let’s say, you want to buy a comfortable luxury SUV named X. If you decide to buy a brand new X it will cost you around Rs. 75 lakh. But if you decide to buy the same car in a second hand manner, it will cost you much less. Considering its kilometers driven, owner type and the year it was bought in, it can cost you anywhere between Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 40 lakh. So obviously you get the car in half of its price if you choose to buy it as second hand car.

A chance to upgrade your lifestyle

By getting a second hand car, you can fulfill your dream to buy a luxurious car which is out of budget. By getting a luxurious car you can surely upgrade your life style. A fancy expensive car can raise your social status, can bring additional comfort to your journeys and make your life much easier. You can buy an expensive car in half of its original price (as you have to pay car’s current on-road price) so this extremely well lifestyle changing decision can also be good for your wallet.

Quick financing

Many leading banks and NBFCs in India offer quick and instant used car loan. The tenure for a used car loan ranges from five to seven years where as the interest rate starts from 15.50%*. Banks and NBFCs in India offer 60% to 70% financing to its customers for their used car purchase. The eligibility criteria and the required documents list are also very low. You can get a used car loan very quickly.

Check your eligibility to get a used car loan today!

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