Why you should buy a child centric home?

There was a time when your parents would be screaming from the balcony asking you to come home and do your homework or eat something. When we were kids, we played and roamed and explored all the areas around us without the help of any GPS.

Today, the children are so technologically advanced that they are completely dependent on them for everything. Playing is online and exploring new worlds is also on a game.

Hence, to avoid such stress, it’s best to buy a child centric home. A child centric home is a new category of homes that provide many facilities for your child that will help in nurturing your child’s growth and potential.

The “Child Centric Homes” will be in trend for a lot of time. The main reason of owning such a space is that you get a lot of things near to your place. This eliminates travel time and you can ensure safety of your child. Such homes are usually closer to hospitals, schools, recreational facilities etc. Having all of these nearby ensures that you get to spend maximum time with your kid and also see him grow his potential.



The main purpose of buying such a home should always revolve around your child’s development. Training academies and coaching classes are around the area for you to send your kid to study.



The child centric spaces must have spaces for swimming pools which is very beneficial as a form of exercise for all. Also, a garden and a track to run will help the kids play and improve fitness. Having a common room for indoor games helps in bonding with the society and improves communication. The common room can also be used to celebrate festivals that helps the children understand the different cultures we have. Such spaces will hence bring in the fun element and helps your child to grow into a better person.



We all want everything to happen fast. Hence wasting time on travel or between two activities is not pleasant. With child centric homes, all services can be provided quickly. For those who have an infant at home unattended, they can opt for a resident nanny and daycare facilities.



This is the highlight of a child centric home i.e. the safety. Steps like secure access to insiders, anti-skid tiles, fire safety, sanitary and electrical fitting area away from a child’s reach are steps which need to be taken. These are for the internal areas. For external safety measures, vehicle free playing zones, guards present near the gate at all times and first aid kits present are few things that should be looked at.


Indian Perspective:

Usually, we see a house as per the cost and the location with respect to our workplace and the child’s education. Hence due to the monetary aspect, parents usually end up sacrificing few points which could hamper their child’s growth. Hence comes the child centric homes which has multiple facilities under one roof to help you and your child spend more time and watch him grow.

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