Why be a DSA with Ruloans

Want to be your own boss? Want to decide your own working hours? Want to have the perfect work life balance? If the answers to all of the above questions are “YES” then we at Ruloans have something great in store for you.

Become a Direct Selling Agent with us by bringing potential customers who want to take a loan. Once the lead is converted and the loan is disbursed to the customer, you get a payout. For every lead converted, you get a payout. These payouts are given once a month. Hence, more leads converted would mean more payouts for you.

Ruloans offers a loan DSA partner program. This is a business opportunity with many benefits.

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DSA Program with Ruloans:

  1. Become a referral agent:

You can join our team as an agent and refer potential leads that need a loan.

  1. Ruloans approaches customers:

We talk to the potential customer and find a loan for them with the best interest rate.

  1. Customers get the loan:

After the documents being verified, your referred customer gets his\her loan disbursed.

  1. You get payout:

For every lead converted, you get a payout which will be given once a month.


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