Why an Architect should be a DSA Loan Partner with Ruloans

An architect is the first person who is called when you want to build a home/society/complex etc. They plan, review and design your dream into reality. Yes, it is their work which gives the builder a picture of what they need to build. Hence, their work is very important.

Being an architect is not easy. Studying for 3-4 years, working as an intern for another 2-3 years and then getting a license to practice only sounds easy but it requires a lot of effort. They need to work 24*7 and be up to date with the latest trends in the industry with regards to design, safety aspects of the structure and detailing.

We at Ruloans understand this effort and hence have come up with a special and exclusive loan partner program for architects.  Your job would be to share a loan lead with us. In your case, it would be the builders and every other professional who would need a loan for working on the project. Once you share the lead with us, we contact the lead, follow up with them throughout the loan procedure and maintain the data. You earn incentives on each loan lead converted. Yes, once their loan is disbursed, you get a payout. These payouts are given to you once a month. Hence more leads will account to a higher payout for you.

Working with us gives you a chance to connect with our brand which has a PAN India presence. You can work as per you own convenience and earn extra profits. As an architect, you are trusted with your professionalism and quality work. We at Ruloans share the same values as you do. So do join us to help our customers borrow right as we believe in much more than money.

Apply now to join the Loan Partner Program with Ruloans.

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