What property documents are required for home loan?

Owning your home is one of the biggest dreams of a common man in India. Many opt for taking a home loan at an early stage of their career in order to get a property at a lower rate. The process of getting the best home loan looks easy but there are many points that need careful consideration.

The first step in the documentation process for the best home loan involves furnishing personal documents. Once that’s complete, there are other sets of documents that are specifically related to the property. These documents are also required while availing a home loan. Hence to make sure all our customers have no trouble, we have created a generic list of property documents that are needed.

  • You would be needed to furnish the Sale deed and agreement of sale with the builder with original copies.
  • In case of a cooperative society, the original Share Certificate would be needed.
  • Land and building tax paid receipts are needed. Location sketch and possession certificate of the property must be certified by the revenue authorities.
  • Letter of allotment given by the Housing Board/Society/Private builder must be furnished with the loan application.
  • Original documents of the land tax paid receipts and possession certificate as has been issued by the revenue authority.
  • A detailed estimate of the cost of construction of house must be provided at the earliest.
  • You also need to arrange the original receipts of the advance payments that are made towards the purchase of the said flat.
  • You will also need to arrange for the approved copy of the building plan (key plan/floor plan in case of purchase of flats)
  • The original certificate of Non encumbrance which spans the last 12 years would be required.
  • The original document pertaining to “No objection certificate” (NOC) as per ULC Act, 1976 from the housing society or builder must be furnished while applying.
  • A copy of relative order is needed if agricultural land is being converted.
  • A letter would be needed from the builder/society/housing board, which mentions their account number and banker’s information for the remittance of installments.
  • A fully fledged report from lawyer would be needed as per standard format.
  • A report which states the valuation of the mentioned property in standard format by a registered valuer would be needed.

Hence it is wise to check all the home loan documents and arrange them before applying for the best home loan. If you are not ready with all the documents as required by the lender then the process will be delayed. But if all of your documents are ready, the loan process can run smoothly and you can get your loan application approved quickly.

The list mentioned above is generic and it is possible that few lenders might add few more documents as per your home loan eligibility. But you can refer to this list and keep these documents ready which will help you get the best home loan quickly. To apply for the best home loan

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