Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a New House this Diwali

Diwali is called as the festival of lights. In India, this festival is celebrated very cheerfully. During this season, people look for investing in various avenues like gold, cars and many other commodities.  But the most sought out requirement for people is to buy their own property. Considering this as an auspicious occasion, purchasing a property seems like the right decision. Hence we have come up with Top 5 reasons why you should invest in a new house this Diwali.

Discounts everywhere:

With Diwali around the corner, sale and discounts are not just available in Amazon and Flipkart but also for properties all over the country. Like customers want to purchase, sellers understand the importance of Diwali. You can get a good deal of discount and save a lot of money by purchasing a property. Many a times, builders end up offering add on facilities to lure the customer and get them to purchase the property. These facilities can be free parking, gym facilities, a mini vacation etc.

Interest rates are low too:

During the festival of lights, apart from realtors and sellers, even financial institutions begin their bid to gain more customers. They begin with giving the best deals and luring the customer in taking a home loan from their bank. They offer lower interest rates and many add on facilities which push the buyer into making a decision to take a home loan immediately. These facilities can be like waiving off processing fees, giving interest free holiday, cancelling pre payment penalty etc.

Use your Bonus for down payment:

In this period, many employees get their annual bonus or festive bonus. Hence they have a lot of funds which can be used to initiate the home loan process. You can use the initial amount for down payment and reduce the loan burden on yourself. Paying a higher amount on down payment will automatically reduce your loan amount which will also reduce your monthly EMI.

New launches and schemes:

Considering the demand, there is a possibility that new projects can be launched. These projects will be under the stage of planning but gives a lot of benefits to those who pre book it. Such launches happening during Diwali is an opportunity created for the customer. Those who can afford this option can go ahead and pre book a property.

Auspicious Period:

Diwali is also considered as an auspicious period filled with positivity. Hence making big purchases during this period is not only considered to be safe but also positive. Also, it is witnessed that during this period every year, the common man in India would opt to purchase a flat on days like Dussehra, Laxmi Pujan, Diwali etc.

Overall, you can opt to purchase a property anytime. But with a festival like Diwali, purchasing a property gets more sentimental. Please check for the best offers, arrange enough funds and then accordingly as per your need, go ahead and get a home loan to fulfill your dream of your forever home!

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