Top 5 Places In Nashik To Buy A House

Nashik city is considered as the country’s most promising city to live in. The city is very well appreciated for its solid waste management, medical waste management, ghantagadi project and the infrastructure. With a perfect balance of agriculture and industrialization, Nashik has gained a strong place in India’s top 20 smart cities list.

Nashik has a number of national and international schools, colleges, wide spread entertainment units, modern medical facilities and well connected roads. The climate of Nashik is a mild version of tropical wet and dry climate. It’s suitable for any person who is very well acquainted with Indian weather. Nashik is soon becoming the city to settle down or to get a second house/retirement house/weekend home.

Top 5 destinations in Nashik to buy a house now:

Indira Nagar:

Indira Nagar is Nashik’s oldest localities. Being the old most localities, it is considered as the best place to live in. It has a beautiful jogging park, a hospital nearby, shops for daily purchases and well connected with the whole city.

Gangapur Road:

Gangapur road is another prime and rich locality in Nashik. The road with well build houses and sub-roads will make you fall for it. A house on Gangapur road will offer you a beautiful and serene view of Godavari River. There are many plant shops by the side of Gangapur road from where you can buy various types of local and exotic plants to decorate your new home.

Mahatma Nagar:

Mahatma Nagar is one of the most happening corners of Nashik city. It has huge commercial complexes, schools and malls in its vicinity. But even with so many cement structures, the area remains very green. This is a best location to live in for those who like the feel of hustle bustle around them.


Panchavati can be considered as the heart and soul of Nashik city. The area blessed with temples and the great Godavari River is the perfect place for your retirement house. As Panchavati is in the heart of the city, it’s very well connected with hospitals, grocery shops and bus station. Panchavati is the place for you if you want to indulge your days in god’s name.

Govind Nagar:

As the population grows, every city expands vertically and horizontally; so did Nashik. Close to Indira Nagar, this fairly new locality will welcome you with open arms. The locality is highly develops with banks, hospitals and modern amenities nearby. If you have a family or planning to expand your family soon, then Govind Nagar is an ideal place for you to buy a house.

So stop thinking too much! Get yourself a brand new home in Nashik today! Apply for home loan now.

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