Top 5 Benefits of Credit Cards with Annual Fees

CREDIT CARD is one of the best inventions in this century which has helped customers all over the world in battling with expenses, paying off bills and also helping during emergencies.

Of course these cards generate bills with interest that you must pay on time every month. There are mainly two kinds of credit cards;

  • With Annual Fees
  • Without Annual Fees

Annual fees based cards will have a fee which you have to pay every year. This is one of the main reasons that customers prefer to utilize credit cards that don’t have annual fees.

But what they don’t realize is that cards that come without any annual fees usually cannot give maximum benefits like credit cards which have annual fees. To make you understand more about the benefits which credit cards with annual fees give, we have created a list of Top 5 benefits.

Please read these and understand the benefits:

  1. Welcome Rewards:

Different cards have different benefits associated with them. Some cards provide introductory discounts on various spend in the first month, shopping vouchers and many more. This is to make the customer happy and ensure that he continues spending more.

  1. Travel Benefits:

Some cards with high annual fees will give you travel benefits like discounts on domestic and international flight bookings, frequent flyer program, air miles conversion and even transfers from hotel to the airport. This can help frequent travelers save a lot of money.

  1. Enhanced Rewards Program:

Credit cards that have no annual fees usually have zero to low rewards program. Here gaining more rewards is difficult. But with cards that have annual fees, there are many offers that allow you to earn rewards on monthly spend.

  1. Complimentary Lounge Access:

If you happen to a frequent flying traveler, you can apply for credit cards that offer complimentary airport lounge access. Most of the cards will have domestic lounge access given and premium cards will have domestic + international lounge access.

  1. Shopping, Fuel and Dining:

Cards that provide shopping discounts help you save a lot of money on clothes purchases. There are specific cards that also help you save money each time you swipe your card for fuel purchases and also for dining!

Hence as you can see, these benefits do make it clear which type of credit card can help you get a lot of rewards! But be wise and read every offer terms and conditions before applying for any credit card. If you need the best offer on credit cards, you can always visit Ruloans website and apply for the same!

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