Ruloans’ Loan DSA Partner Program

Ruloans is one of India’s fastest growing loan distributors. More than 1000 people are associated with Ruloans and work in its various departments. Ruloans is offering an exclusive Loan DSA program for finance and loan professionals across India. By joining hands with us, you will be open to various benefits as a Loan DSA Partner of Ruloans.

Ruloans has a touch base in more than 600 cities in India across 25 states. You will be benefited of this pan India reach. The experience and exposure you’ll be entitled to will be of working with a national brand in loan industry such as Ruloans which is certainly a milestone opportunity. You will be connected with customers and managers not just from your locality but from the whole nation. That’s why you get benefited if you suggest a lead from another location too. Let’s say, you are living in Jaipur and gathering loan leads from the pink city. But you got a loan lead from a customer who is living in Chennai. Then you don’t have to let the lead go waste. You can forward it to Ruloans and earn benefits on it post disbursal. So you earn incentives post disbursal from a lead belonging to your location as well as from any other location in India suggested by you.

Ruloans understands that being a loan DSA is fairly equivalent to running your own business. While working you always want to make sure that your loan EMIs and insurance premiums are paid on time. You don’t want to put your family’s future in jeopardy just because you are doing a business and as businesses often have uncertain financial gains. But Ruloans help you on every step up the way. Once you join Ruloans as loan DSA partner, we start a proper payment circle. You get paid every month considering the leads with disbursement potential you are bringing in.

Working with Ruloans is much more easy compared to many other financial institutions. You get to work with many leading banks and NBFCs with Ruloans. India’s maximum leading loan lending institutions are partner with Ruloans. You can do various loan products too. You can work flexible hours, be your own boss once joining Ruloans as loan DSA partner.

Join the Ruloans Loan DSA Partner Program today!

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