How much to borrow when getting a home loan?

Buying a house is a life changing decision for any Indian. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Buying a house is very expensive and there are many additional hidden charges attached to it. Thus many Indians prefer taking a home loan to buy a house of their dreams.

When you start making a decision to buy a home or to get a home loan, you start saving money as you know you will need extra funds. But exactly how much are you going to need, no one knows for sure! So we suggest you to get a pen and paper and start determining how much you will need to buy a home. Even if you know the approximate amount, it will help you to save and make a financial plan accordingly. Refer the image below to know what exactly you should consider when you will be taking a home loan.

Remember, you are not just taking a home loan but marching towards creating new memories.

Info Home Loan

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