How to Prevent a Credit Card Fraud

Plastic money has made life easier. Yes, you do not need to carry cash all the time. Our dependence on credit cards and debit cards is on the rise. With this, we would like to bring to your attention one major responsibility that you as a card holder are bound to i.e. preventing a fraud like situation.

There are many ways through which fraudsters can steal your credit card information and commit a fraud. Your hard earned money could be stolen by just one click. Hence to make sure that doesn’t happen, here are some tips which you must always keep in mind with regards to any dealings you make with your credit card.

  1. Your PIN must be unique and only known to you. Do not share this information. Also change the PIN once semi annually or annually.
  2. Your CVV number is the most important number apart from your PIN. You need to be very cautious while handling your card. Either scratch it out or cover it after memorizing it.
  3. Whenever in ATM or at a restaurant, please cover the machine while inserting PIN. This is to make sure no one knows your PIN.
  4. Never share your credit card number/PIN/CVV with anyone no matter what is written on mail or message or a phone call. It is better to ignore such calls and block those numbers. A Bank would never ask you for your details.
  5. Always enter the pin yourself and don’t give it to the supervisor/waiter etc because the machine is at the billing counter. Walk those extra steps as it is your money that can be stolen.
  6. Also, sometimes while you go to withdraw an amount from the ATM, if you notice that the machine seems to be tampered with or doesn’t look right, please don’t swipe it. It might be a faulty device.
  7. Always keep your email ID and contact numbers up to date with the Bank to receive alerts and transaction messages. It helps for you to know if anyone is trying to access your card.
  8. Always avoid making any payments on a public computer like cyber cafes. Use your information very privately and discreetly.
  9. In case you get an alert that a certain amount has been deducted OR you get to know someone tried to attempt to login through your details from another computer/phone then please alert the Bank first and ask them to block your card. Also drop them an email to have it on record. This will definitely help you to save your hard earned money from any damage.

It is highly possible that you can lose your money due to a number of scams online. People pretending to be the Bank will send you an OTP asking you to send it otherwise the credit card will be blocked etc. Never pay heed to such attempts and remember that your Bank will never ask you for your details. Stay cautious!

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