How to Get a Business Loan to Acquire a Business 

In the dynamic business landscape of India, entrepreneurs often need to explore acquisitions to fuel their growth ambitions. Acquiring an existing business can expand your operational footprint or even help penetrate new markets. But how do you finance such an acquisition? In this article, we explore how to get a business loan to acquire a business.

Eligibility Requirements

The prerequisites for securing business loans to acquire existing businesses vary among lenders. However, some common requirements include:

  • The business must be officially registered.
  • The business should have been operational for at least one year.
  • There should be a sound financial plan in place.
  • The business owner must have a favourable credit history.

Types of Business Loans to Acquire Businesses 

There are multiple loan types available for entrepreneurs seeking to acquire businesses. Here are some popular options:

Term Loans

Term loans are repaid over a specific timeframe and can be used to finance the acquisition of a business.

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans are designed to cover the everyday expenses of running a business, including the costs of acquisition.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing uses your unpaid invoices as collateral, providing funds for acquiring a business.

Asset-backed Loans

Asset-backed loans are secured by a physical asset like equipment or inventory, providing significant capital for business acquisition.

Steps to Get a Business Loan to Acquire a Business 

To secure a business loan for acquiring a business, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the lending institution providing the type of loan you’re interested in.
  2. Obtain and complete the loan application form as per provided instructions.
  3. Submit necessary documents, such as your business registration certificate, financial statements, credit report, business plan, and an appraisal of the business you’re acquiring.

What Happens After Applying for a Business Loan to Acquire a Business?

The lending institution reviews your application and decides on its approval. If approved, you receive a loan agreement outlining terms and conditions like interest rate, repayment period, and collateral requirements.


Securing a business loan to acquire a business can be an effective way to scale up or diversify. But before you apply, thoroughly assess your eligibility, the loan terms and conditions, and the financial potential of the business you plan to acquire. When done right, this can provide the impetus for your business growth and help you achieve your financial goals.


1. Can I get a business loan to acquire a business?

Yes, there are numerous loan options for entrepreneurs interested in acquiring businesses. These include term loans, working capital loans, invoice financing, and asset-backed loans.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for these loans?

While specific criteria may vary, most lenders require the business to be registered and operational for at least one year, with a sound financial plan and a favourable credit history of the owner.

Key Takeaways

1. Business loans to acquire existing businesses are available.
2. Options include term loans, working capital loans, invoice financing, and asset-backed loans.
3. You need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents to apply.
4. After application, the lender reviews your proposal and, if approved, provides a loan agreement with all terms and conditions.

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