How do you get a loan for a car?

Are you tired of the daily struggle of traveling?

Is the delay in local trains and buses affecting your work life?

Do you need a permanent solution?

If the answer to all of the above questions is a “YES” then we at Ruloans have the best solution i.e. a Car Loan! With a car loan, you can use the funds and purchase a vehicle of your choice. There are two types of car loans; New Car Loan and Used Car Loan.

How do you get a loan for a new car?

You can get a loan for a brand new car from many lenders in the market. For this you will need to choose a vehicle of your choice. Next would be calculating your eligibility which would require your income, banking and personal history. Once the Bank calculates your eligibility, you shall know what rate of interest can be provided on your car loan. Please read the loan application carefully so you don’t miss out on any hidden charges. Only after you are clear of the whole loan application, apply for the loan.

How do you get a loan for a second hand car?

You can apply for a second hand car loan from majority of lenders in the market. Before you could apply, you must thoroughly research on the car you want to purchase. You must make sure that this vehicle is not older than 8-10 years as Banks will not provide a used car loan for older vehicles. Once the car is decided, please get your eligibility checked with the bank of your choice. The bank will provide you with an interest rate after calculating your eligibility. Understand how much EMI you will be paying per month, read the loan offer and terms thoroughly before signing it.

Where can I get the best car loan?

Ruloans is your best choice when it comes to choosing the best car loan. With over a decade of experience in the car loan industry, we understand the perfect requirements of people who want to own a car. We have a tailor made process which is hassle free and allows the customer to fulfill his dream quickly without any stress. You can compare interest rates of different banks and accordingly shortlist your choices.

So don’t wait any longer. Apply for a car loan via Ruloans and drive the vehicle of your dreams as per your convenience.

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