Home loan Balance Transfer @ 6.85%*. Find out how to get this special offer from Ruloans

Are you struggling with expenses because of COVID-19?

Have you either lost your job/business or getting low salary/profits?

Are you finding it difficult in repaying your Home loan monthly EMIs?

If the answer to the above 3 questions is a YES, then you have arrived at the right place. Ruloans has launched an amazing scheme for every resident in India. With this solution, they will now be able to pay a smaller EMI. That solution is a “Home loan Balance transfer”.

What is a Home loan Balance transfer?

Home loan balance transfer is a loan that only a person with home loan can apply. In this, you can switch your Bank i.e. you can transfer your home loan from Bank “A” to Bank “B”.

But why should I balance transfer my home loan?

You must transfer your home loan because Bank “B” is providing lower interest rates when compared to your Bank “A”. This means you are paying a higher monthly EMI at Bank “A”. Transferring your balance home loan to Bank “B” will help you pay lower EMI and save interest money.

What is the interest rate on Home loan Balance Transfer?

You can get a home loan balance transfer @ 6.85%* depending on your eligibility and credit score. Isn’t this a great option. In order to make you understand why this is an amazing option, please check out some benefits of this loan.

  • ● When you transfer your home loan from one bank to another bank can, you can lower your monthly EMI and interest rates. This means you save a lot of interest money as well.
  • ● The major benefit you get is that your credit score might witness an increase when you balance transfer your home loan.
  • ● When you opt for a home loan balance transfer you can negotiate with your new lender for better terms where you can save money.
  • ● You can also avail a top-up loan from new Bank while opting for a balance transfer. This amount you can use to sort your immediate expenses at home.
  • ● In case you can afford it, you can reduce the tenure of your home loan with the new bank while opting for a home loan balance transfer. If you can’t afford it then you can increase the loan tenure and pay a lower EMI.

Where can I get this exciting offer?

The best way to get this offer is by visiting our website and then clicking on this page – https://www.ruloans.com/ruloans-home-loan.htm

So don’t miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Apply today!

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