Find out the top Banks and NBFCs that are associated with RULOANS!

Ruloans began under the visionary leadership of Kaushik Mehta our CEO. He had a simple thinking which led him to create a huge empire today! It was back in 2000 that we began helping customers in the loan process. We would help them get the right loan in the quickest amount of time.

Guess what?

We still help all our customers to borrow right. Our leader believes in providing services to customers which are much more than money. That’s why we don’t charge a single penny from them for our expertise.

Yes, you can try it yourself. The next time you require any type of a loan whether it is a car loan, personal loan, home loan, business loan, balance transfer, gold loan, mortgage loan or even a credit card, visit Ruloans and we will help you get the best deal FREE OF COST.

Ruloans History with lenders:

Over the years, we have developed so many good relations with major Banks and NBFCs in India. These relations were taken a step ahead as most of these Banks and NBFCs have integrated with us on our web portal.

So when you want to apply for a personal loan from a specific Bank, you can do so on our website by visiting a special page which has been made just for that Bank. There have been many associations which we have completed since the past decade.

Below is the list of Banks and NBFCs that have joined hands with Ruloans;

HDFC Bank:

Termed as India’s most valued Bank, HDFC has been a star favorite among the people of India. Hence Ruloans is proud of their association with them. You can visit our website and specifically apply for;

HDFC Personal Loans

HDFC Gold Loans

ICICI Bank – Personal Loans:

Next up, we have integrated with ICICI Bank to provide instant personal loans to customers that require the loan urgently. The benefit of applying via Ruloans is quick results. You get to know what happens to your loan application at every stage.

Qbera – Personal Loans:

With Qbera, we have integrated their loan application on our website for allowing customers to apply for a personal loan. Through this, any customer that feels like applying for the best offers of personal loan via Qbera.

RBL – Personal Loans:

RBL is also one of the first lenders with whom we integrated to promote their personal loan services. If you happen to visit our page and wish to apply for an instant personal loan via RBL only, then you can apply on a specific page we have created only for them.

HDBFS – Home Loans:

Our latest integration is taking place with HDBFS where we would be helping customers in getting the best home loan via HDBFS so they can fulfill the dream to own their house. Applying via Ruloans allows you to get the best offers ever.

Zip loan – Business Loans:

For businessmen with a small business, we understand how important capital is. Hence with a Zip loan, they can get collateral free loans to handle their business with ease. Our website has a page dedicated to zip loans only so people who wish to get a business loan via them can directly do so!

SBI – Credit Cards:

Finally, our hot product credit cards also have a special Bank. We have integrated with one of the biggest banks in India i.e. State Bank of India to promote their credit card segment. For any kind of a customer, we have credit cards which they can apply and utilize.

If you are a lender who wants to be associated with us, you can always get in touch with us by mailing

[email protected]

If you are a customer who would need any kind of a loan or a credit card, all you need to do is fill a simple enquiry form and we will always help you to borrow rightly.

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