Exciting Features And Benefits Of DHFL Home Loan

In India every person has a primary dream of buying a house for his or her family. It is strongly believed that the family which lives together stays together. A house is considered as a major binding element in order to keep a family together in one place. But since last few decades’ property rates in India are touching higher skies day by day. It is becoming difficult for a common man to buy a house using only his or her savings. Realizing this harsh reality, DHFL was founded in 1984 to enable every Indian to buy a house. DHFL has been working towards the goal of helping Indians to buy their own house with minimum interest rate. DHFL has been very popular amongst middle and lower class Indians living in urban as well as rural parts of India.

Features and benefits of taking a home loan from DHFL:

You can get a home loan from DHFL ranging from minimum amount of Rs. 1 lakh* to maximum Rs. 50 lakh*.

You can get up to 85% loan amount from DHFL of the property cost including all the stamp duty and processing fees.

The home loan tenure offered by DHFL is as long as 30 years.
You can take a DHFL home loan to purchase an under construction property or to buy a ready built up property.

DHFL charges interest rate as per their RPLR i.e. Retail Prime Lending Rate. It changes time to time as per market conditions. But the overall interest rate for DHFL home loan starts from 8.35%*.

DHFL charges home loan processing fees of minimum 1.5%* plus government taxes.

You can pay off your DHFL home loan via EMIs (equated monthly installments) as well as by PDCs (post dated cheques).

You can apply for DHFL home loan as an individual and also by having a co-applicant.

You can get tax benefits from your DHFL home loan. You can claim up to Rs. 1.5 lakh out of the interest component of your DHFL home loan.

DHFL approves home loan as quick as within 10 days* as per the borrower’s financial profile.

To get a home loan via DHFL

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