DSA Loan partner program for Home Loan

What is a home loan?

A home loan is a debt which is provided to people who dream of purchasing a house they can call their humble abode. In India, owning a house is one of the top 3 priorities of every individual. It is considered as a sign of a safe, secure and responsible adult. Keeping this emotion intact, Banks and NBFCs all over the country will provide schemes and deals for Home loans which are very attractive and customer friendly.

Why should I join the partner program?

Banks and NBFCs want to tap into every possible customer in every area. But they are limited with their branches and staff only. Whereas loan agents can reach out to any customer in any area within India and get leads. Keeping this in mind, lenders began with partner program where loan sales agents join hands with Banks and NBFCs to pass on home loan leads.

You should join the home loan partner program because pursuing and converting a single lead takes a lot of effort. Hence to make it easier and to increase your leads, joining a partner program will allow you to get a brand name and their network too.

Why join Ruloans partner program for home loans?

Ruloans has been one of the leading loan distributors available in the Indian loan industry. Keeping customer service as our highest priority, we have helped customers borrow right always and now have a PAN India presence in more than 500 cities. To tap in to more areas where we can’t reach yet, we began with a special home loan partner program. Here we appoint direct loan sales agents that will only deal in home loans. As a home loan partner you will find home loan leads and bring them to Ruloans.

There are 2 ways how our partner program works for home loans;

You must complete the whole loan process right from filling in the details of the customer and their requirements. Then you must submit the file to us.

You must share the lead details with us along with their home loan requirement. Ruloans will then contact the lead, follow up with them, complete their loan application and maintain the file.

When do I get paid?

Ruloans understands that trust is a two way street and hence has always been the best paymaster in India. You get your payout (commission) released once a month without any delay. You need to convert as many home loan leads as possible as the more leads converted would increase your payout amount.

How do I join the partner program?

You can join the Ruloans partner program for home loans by just visiting our website  and filling in the partner program form. Once filled, we will get in touch with you and discuss the partner program. With Ruloans, you get endless opportunities to grow your income and career. Apply today.

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