A Dream Job For Every Soul: Ruloans Loan Partner Program

Once upon a time, there was a man named Ramesh Kumar. Ramesh studied very hard and got a good job after completing his education. Eventually he got married and had kids. He bought a home and a car to accommodate the needs of his family, by taking loan. He is an ideal citizen and caring family man. He is good at his job and tends to every need of his family. He got insurance cover for them and pays his EMIs & premiums on time.

But soon he started feeling monotonous. His 9-5 job started taking a toll on his health. He often had to work late, started neglecting his health to complete the work in tight deadlines, his boss was always unhappy with him no matter how hard he worked! Slowly he became workaholic and couldn’t spend much time with his family. He started feeling depressed and angered all the time. He felt stagnant as he could not see any professional growth at workplace and was earning much less compared to his work experience. Ramesh wanted to leave his job but every time he skipped that thought as he had to pay his EMIs and insurance premiums. He wanted to start his new business but didn’t have any capital and didn’t want to put his family’s financial future in jeopardy.

Then one day Ramesh got to know about an exclusive loan partner program offered by Ruloans! And that day changed his life forever.

Ruloans made him their business associate considering his experience in the loan industry! He started earning incentives and profits every time his loan lead got disbursed. He worked flexible hours, increased his professional circle, got recognition as an associate to a national brand! By joining Ruloans he was able to spend more time with his family, paid his bills on time as Ruloans helped him with his monthly financial obligations.

Ramesh became his own boss and is living the dream of happily ever after.

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