Delhi Vs Mumbai Which City Is Better To Live In?

We Indians are extremely proud of our country, the cities we live in and its history. So whenever someone asks which city is better, the discussion never sees an end as everyone loves their respective cities. The most exciting discussion is which city is better to live in? When we choose a city to live in and settle down, we plan to do so for at least 2 decades. We buy a house, a car and make necessary financial investments to make such huge purchase. It’s not a small decision to choose from so many amazing cities across the nation. So to take off the load of research from your shoulders, here we have compared two biggest cities of India to help you choose the right one.

Category Delhi Mumbai
Weather Delhi’s weather is extreme, especially in winters. The government many times declares holidays due to excessive fog on roads. Mumbai has a humid yet pleasant weather. But the rains in Mumbai are a topic to discuss! As the city has a long sea shore, even in monsoon one can get stuck in traffic due to flood situations.
Population As of 2012, Delhi’s population is 18.98 million* living in the area of 1,484 km². As of 2011, Mumbai’s population is 18.41 million living in the area of 603.4 km² which is quite dense and crowded compared to Delhi.
Transport Delhi has metro and DTDC. The other transport modes include private taxis and rikshas. The capital city also has international and domestic airports. Mumbai has metro, local trains, BEST, private taxis, rikshas and monorail. It has many flyovers and bridges which give extremely well connectivity. It also has international and domestic airports.
Culture & History Delhi has been the capital of India from ancient times. It is surrounded by Haryana and UP. People from all over the world reside in Delhi contributing to its rich culture and history. One can see major north Indian and north-east influences on Delhi’s overall culture. Mumbai was formed by bringing 7 islands together and it prospered in the British era. Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India. It’s a metro city which sees an amalgamation of various cultures giving birth to its unique heterogeneous culture. The maximum population of Mumbai belongs to the Marathi community.
Food People from Delhi are extremely foodie. One can enjoy the famous biryani and momos in the city. One can say that Mumbai’s official city food is vada paav. One can enjoy numerable verities of vada pav along with pav bhaji and various international cuisines.
Space Delhi is a union territory and has very dense area. Still there are huge spaces in the city to accommodate new tenants. Mumbai is crawling with humans. As the space fells short, Mumbai is spreading itself on the outskirts of its boundaries.
Freedom and Safety As Delhi is a national capital, it’s the birthplace for many student and political movements. Delhi is not considered that safe when it comes to women travels around night time. Mumbai is the city which never sleeps. It has the highest rate of safety compared to Delhi. Also its much more progressive in many ways.
Opportunities Delhi has many well established organizations which give opportunities to succeed. One can get an attractive job in the city. As Mumbai hosts almost all types of industries, it’s a natural hub for employment. There are better and many opportunities in the city.

Choosing between Delhi and Mumbai is really very tough! But we guess you have chosen one for yourself and your family. Click here to check your eligibility to get a home loan.

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