Buying your Home later in your career – A good choice?

While buying your home is an important decision, another question that lingers around is when to buy? Should you buy later in your career when you have already made a base for yourself and are in tune with your financial goals?

Here are some reasons why you might find this option to be feasible:

  • While you have moved from the beginning of your career to the intermediate part, it gives you more clarity on what type of a house you want to buy. Yes, with age you get more practical and take all factors into consideration. Right from transport to work and family convenience, every factor is judged and given a thought. Finally after weighing the pros and cons, a decision is taken.
  • When you buy a house at an early stage of your career, you pay EMI’s with the little salary that you have. When you have settled at your job and have a higher salary, the EMI’s look affordable. Also not only will it ease on your spending but also help you continue investments in other avenues.
  • Choosing the tenure might not be possible when you plan to buy a home at a later stage. I say this because as you get old, the tenure reduces too depending on the years remaining for your retirement. But by the time you are in your early thirties, even though you get a smaller tenure, you can afford it as your salary is on the higher side.


Buying a home at a later part of your career might delay your family having that emotional and financial security of residing in their own home. But the main advantage is that when you are ready to buy, you keep all perspectives in check and also are in a good position to afford it.

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