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Arthur Ashe once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.”Believing in his words, we at Ruloans have come up with a mean to help you embark on a journey called success. We are introducing a brand new project where finance experts join us a ‘Business Associate’ or as a DSA (Direct Selling Agent).

Who is a DSA?

A DSA or a direct selling agent is considered as a crucial part in the progress of a Ruloans. A DSA is also known as a Business Associate of Ruloans. He or she is a channel partner who can develop an understanding of the products we offer. A DSA is supposed offer leads for the loans and other financial products Ruloans offer. Anyone with good communication skills and a well to do knowledge of finance and his/her surroundings can become a registered DSA for Ruloans. A DSA can be anyone, CA, doctor, real estate broker, a working professional, a self employed personnel or a person who wants to live life on own terms.

A DSA has to follow or convey the loan leads to Ruloans and can earn benefits over the leads. The more leads a DSA provides, the more profit he/she earns.

Benefits of becoming a Business Associate with Ruloans

  • You can earn big in terms of commissions.
  • You can be your own boss and work at your time convenience.
  • You just have to refer loan leads to Ruloans. The rest will be taken care of by the Ruloans team at the other end.
  • By becoming a DSA you get a golden opportunity to establish new contacts that can be source of life-long income.
  • Being a part of a promising and high-potential financial industry.
  • You can pursue your own business or job along with being a Business Associate as per the agreement entered with RuLoans
  • No Deposit or Investment required.
  • Recognition as a Channel Partner of a National Loan Distribution House.
  • Lucrative slab-wise incentives.
  • Referral Bonus.
  • If someone had been working for a few banks in the region as a loan agent, he or she can have an access to many other banks and NBFCs by being a RuLoans Business Associate

Why choose Ruloans?

Ruloans is India’s fastest growing financial distributors. A comprised team with mammoth experience in finance and internally developed highly proficient Loan Calculator algorithm, we are pledged to offer solutions to all types of financial needs. Working with us will give you a chance to earn recognition and experience of working with a national company. We are associated with a huge number of banks and institutions which will give you more exposure and a chance to earn more by giving more option to our clients. We understand you and the field you will be working in. We are pledged to help you in any manner possible.

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