Why Choose Ruloans To Be A Loan DSA?

A loan DSA is a promising professional path which is suitable for those who want to climb high on their success ladder. Ruloans has an exclusive loan DSA partner program which can benefit you immensely. And we have plenty of reasons as to why you should choose Ruloans to become a loan DSA.

A national brand

Ruloans is India’s one of the fastest growing loan distributors. We have a touch base in more than 600 cities over 25 states in India. Along with India’s metro cities, Ruloans is successfully carving its way through 2-tier cities to connect with customers. Ruloans has emerged as a national brand servicing loan guidance over the last decade. Working with Ruloans as a DSA will give you an opportunity to work with a national brand from your home town. You’ll be recognized as a partner in a company with national recognition and PAN India reach.

Timely payment

Becoming a loan DSA is not a simple decision you may take in your life. You think about your family, their financial future and your loan obligations before you decide to become a loan DSA. At Ruloans we take care of such worries of yours. We make timely payment of your gains and business you have done in the month. By this, you don’t have to worry about your monthly EMIs and insurance premiums. You can trust us to deliver timely payout on your hard work.

Flexible working style

By working as a loan DSA for Ruloans, you can have a flexible working style as per your preference and nature. It’s not a 9-5 job so you don’t need to work on clock hour basis, you can choose your own working hours. You will be answerable to yourself. The more business you do, the more benefits you receive. So your performance will be the sole deciding feature as to how much you will earn every month. By working with Ruloans as a loan DSA you will be your own boss.

Concentrate only on your business

When you work with Ruloans as loan DSA, you just need to concentrate on your leads. Either you can just refer the lead to us or work on it yourself till it gets logged in. You earn your payout accordingly. You don’t have to worry about data management and further processes attached with the business. Ruloans will take care of it on your behalf.

No capital required

When you start a business, you often need hefty amount as capital. But with Ruloans you just need to invest your time, communication skills and loyalty. You won’t require any capital investment to work with Ruloans as a loan DSA.

So join us to become a Loan DSA with Ruloans!

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