5 Things To Consider Before You Buy A House

Buying a house for you is not an easy task. You have to plan many things and prepare to buy the house of your dreams. But it’s not just the financial aspect which you need to consider buying a house. There are many other things like what is the location, what is the property, the condition of the property, which is the builder, is the property legally free or not and many more.

Here, we have come up with a list of things you should consider before buying a house in India.


Intimation of disapproval

While building any type of property on the land, the builder is supposed to take permissions and clearance certificates from various government and public bodies. These offices include Storm Water and Drain Department, Sewage Departments, Forest Department, Environment Department, Traffic and Coordination Department etc. The permissions are supposed to be taken on various steps of the construction process. Intimation of disapproval is these permission and approval certificates given to the builder. Also, to make sure that the construction is not illegal, you should also collect the commencement certificate from the builder. This certificate is taken before starting the construction and allows the builder to proceed legally.


Layout plans

A layout plan of a property is like a blueprint of the property to be built. It shows how large the property will be, walking space, travel space, garden space etc. within the property limits. The layout plan is approved by a government designated body. The layout plan has to be as per the norms led by the government and if not, it’s rejected. Many times builders get approval on a layout plan but the actual construction differs from the plan. Here you don’t want to take any risk with your family or with your investment as construction not according to the layout plan can be harmful. So ask your builder for the layout plan before finalizing your property purchase deal and make sure all the construction is done as per norms. Along with it also get the occupancy certificate from them.


Encumbrance certificate

This certificate tells you whether the property you are buying is under any legal dispute or not. Many times the builder/property owner tries to hide the fact if the property is under any legal debacle to sell it the consumers. That’s why insist on an encumbrance certificate when you buy a property.


Title deed

Title deed is one of the most important documents in house purchases. By taking help of a lawyer you can review the title deed correctly. The title deed of the land is a document on which the property or project is based on. The title deed will help you understand whether the builder own the land on which the property is built and whether the builder has the right to sell or transfer the ownership to you. You will also get to know whether the property you are buying is under any legal disputes or not by reviewing a title deed.


Purchase agreement

Purchase agreement is the last but not the least piece of paper you should get from your builder. The purchase agreement includes all the terms promised to you by the builder including construction details, payment details, apartment specifications, deadlines and penalty if any party defaults. It has all the above mentioned details included too. If anything goes wrong in the future, you can hold the builder responsible based on this specific purchase agreement.

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