5 reasons to renovate your home to save it from baking heat!

India’s geography is as diverse as its amazing culture. India has 6 different physiographic regions which make it geographically most diverse nation in the world. India is mainly divided into four tropical seasons: winter, summer, monsoon and autumn. Thus there are different seasons with different intensity ratios across the nation. But there is one season which is most common and enjoyable for every Indian and i.e. the SUMMER!

Normally summer in India lasts from April to June. The season is also considered as the holiday season as almost all schools take their yearly academic break in summer and resume the new academic year in June or July. People plan their holidays and family get-togethers in summer. Everyone makes exciting plans with friends and family to enjoy the hot season. The discussions and plans of summer adventures begin to shape from early January. So, to enjoy a fun-filled summer, we have come up with a plan for you. This plan can be executed even before the summer starts and will allow you to enjoy the season with friends and family with ease.

The plan is to renovate your house.

Prepare your house for extra heat

Summer is a pretty hot season. Whether you are living in an independent house or a building apartment, you will face the heat of the sun. To deal with the heat you can add air conditioning units and coolers in your house. Make your house heat friendly and cool by adding special curtains and an extra roof over the balcony or window. Paint your house with light and warm colours which will be soothing to your eyes and the atmosphere around you.

Build extra water storage

Many parts of India face water scarcity in summer. The local water supplying authorities limit the supply and in many parts, people have to purchase water for daily needs. To avoid all such adversaries you can build a strong water storage unit at your residence. You can store the water and later use it as per your preferences. You can also build a well or a water tank around your house. This will solve your water problems in summer with ease.

Extra space for guests

Every summer in India relatives visits each other with children. It’s a tradition in every household to visit the grandparents or uncle-aunts in summer and stay with them till the holiday season ends. Many times relatives who are visiting adjust to the small space of your house but if they are bigger in number or will be living for more than a week, your regular house gets crowded. To accommodate your guests comfortably, you can add an extra room or structure to your house. This can be easily done by talking to a well-experienced architect. By adding extra space in your house to accommodate your guests this summer, you can make their stay more comforting and welcoming.

Give your house a new look

Every household deserves a new look once in a while. With your family growing, their needs change and so does their taste in furniture and interior. You can change the interior of the house before summer to begin the holiday season with a new look. The new interior of the house will not only give it a fresh look but also install new positive vibes.

Home renovation is time-consuming. It will take from weeks to months

Home decoration is not an easy task. From planning to execution, it’s a time consuming procedure. Whether it’s a basic change in furniture or to build an extra room, home renovation will take time. It will range from a week to a month or even more. You surely don’t want to spend your summer managing the execution of your house renovation and spoil the holiday season. That’s why plan in advance and start the execution of home renovation as soon as you can. The sooner you do it, the better summer you will get to spend!

So start making plans to renovate your house before the nearing summer! Complete your tasks by taking a personal loan or a home loan for home renovation to build a home that you imagined !

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