5 Benefits of HDFC Business Loan

There is so much you can do for your business with lot of capital. Although it is not possible to have these funds at all times. Hence you must maintain enough reserves or generate profits which can help you save a lot of capital for the future. In case that doesn’t happen, you can borrow from a Bank via a business loan. When you want to find the best business loan in the market it might get tough as there are multiple options available. One such option happens to be HDFC Bank.

Why take a business loan via HDFC Bank?

HDFC bank has been one of the leading banks in the loan industry for a very long time that spans over a decade.  They have been known to be a customer friendly bank that helps in getting customized solutions which suit the needs of each customer.

Are there any benefits for applying via HDFC Bank?

Yes. There are multiple benefits when you apply for a HDFC business loan. We have listed the top 5 benefits you as a customer can avail when you apply for a Business loan.

  1. 1. Fulfill Each Business Need:

Whether it is purchasing the latest machinery, improving safety conditions in your warehouse or manufacturing unit, improving working capital or even expanding your business to a new location, there is so much which you can do with one business loan via HDFC Bank. You can get a loan amount as low as 75,000 which can go up to 80 lakhs*.

  1. 2. Convenient Borrowing and Quick Eligibility:

HDFC Bank believes in minimum documentation, minimum tension for the customer and only happiness so they can conduct their business with ease. Hence as a customer you can reach out to them easily online and offline. You can check your business loan eligibility in their branch or even online in 60 seconds*.

  1. 3. Easy Loan Balance Transfer:

Loan process must never be tough and hence with HDFC you can move your business loan towards HDFC bank to enjoy paying lower EMI’s than before. Interest rates on Business loans can be as low as 16%*. Processing fees will vary from customer to customer.

  1. 4. Overdraft Facility:

You can get an additional facility in the form of overdraft. You only pay for the amount that has been utilized. The overdraft amount can go up to 15 lakhs*. The best benefit here is that you don’t need any security.

  1. 5. Cover Your Business Loan To Be Protected:

Using credit protect, you can pay a nominal premium and cover your loan. This premium will ensure that your family is protected when they are paying off the pending loan amount. Benefits of this facility are covered to tax and also life coverage.

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