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Become a RuLoans DSA Loan Agents in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat. It boasts over 8 million people and also happens to be one of the prime destinations for their business. A city like this is well known for the Sabarmati Ashram, Sunset drive and much more. There are lots of job opportunities here for people to make a decent livelihood.

But do you want to settle for a decent livelihood? Or are you looking to increase your income and give your family the best life? If the answer to this question is yes, then we have an amazing program that will help you be your own boss! Yes, when you join the Ruloans Partner Program in Ahmedabad, you become your own boss!

We let you decide your own working hours and the scope of your work. Just imagine, you can decide which day you want to work and which day to want to rest. The USP of Ruloans Partner Program is that we allow you to grow your income and career on your pace. If you wish to earn a higher income, you can work 3-5 days a week or even 7 days a week! We don't have any problem and motivate you to work to your full potential.

Apply for DSA Loan Agents Program if You Are In Loan Business

If you belong to the loan business then our DSA loan agents program is just meant for you. But before we move forward, let us explain what our DSA program is and what kind of loans we offer!

What is the Ruloans Partner (DSA) Program anyway?

Ruloans Partner Program is for an individual who understands all our loan products that Ruloans offers and accordingly can generate leads related to all those loan products. Basically what we are expecting from you is that you will find people that require any kind of loan and pass on their loan requirement to us. You can do this in any of the 500+ PAN India locations where we have touch base in.

What kind of loans does Ruloans offer?

We offer the following types of loans:

Personal loans Business loans Home loans
Car Refinance New car loan Used Car loan
Gold loan Loan against Property (mortgage) Loan against shares
Loan against working capital Overdraft Loan against card receivables etc.

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DSA Loan Agents / Business Associates Eligibility for Ahmedabad

Becoming a Channel Partner/Business Associate with Ruloans is the easiest & safe part. We are not like Banks that will ask for multiple documents in advance and delay the process. Our founder Kaushik Mehta is a visionary and respects people that wish to grow themselves. Hence joining us is a one Way Street to success and below mentioned are the requirements of any person that wants to join our DSA Partner program.

Mandatory requirements:

  1. 1. You need to be a citizen of India.
  2. 2. You need to be over 18 years of age.

Additional Requirements: (Not compulsory but gives you an edge over others)

  1. 1. Any experience in the Banking and loan/lending industry.
  2. 2. If you are a self employed professional like a Doctor or a Chartered Accountant.

That's it. Just 2 mandatory requirements and you can join our prestigious Direct Selling Agency program. Like we mentioned above, our CEO Mr. Kaushik Mehta would prefer to not waste time in extra documentation but would prefer if all his Business partners can supervise their work &generate loan leads and earn a higher income always.

Advantages of Being a DSA or a Business Associates in Ahmedabad

There are multiple advantages for someone to be associated with Ruloans Direct Selling Agent Program.You can improve your sills to sell and be the best loan agent. We will list down couple of these advantages for your understanding.

1. Please note that there is no cap on your earnings. You can oversee your growth plan & earn double your income every month! You can earn as much as you want. Sky is the limit. If you continuously become a star performer with Ruloans, there are a lot of benefits waiting for you!

2. If there are no offices in the location you operate in, we can help you in setting up an office/organization where you can manage executives, train and guide them to work under your expertise and handle loan leads. You will be the mastermind deciding the plan of action to generate income. With our PAN India network presence, you can generate leads and earn good money.

How DSA Loan Agents is Operating in your Area?

There are DSA loan agents that are operating in your area through a rented office/firm, at home and sometimes even through their laptop. Working with Ruloans allows you to be flexible and you can work in a straight and direct manner. You will find multiple DSA loan agents that administer their work in Ahmedabad looking to generate loan leads and earn income.

List of Loan Agent Registration Details for your Area

Like we mentioned above, Ruloans is not your average Direct Selling Agency that is looking to hire a mere salesman! We are looking for exceptional individuals that have the zest to improve their career, have control over their work and be business partners! Hence our process is very simple and easily can be completed in a matter of few days! Here are 5 steps for registering as a business partner with Ruloans:

1. First you will visit our website and fill this form
2. Second, you will have a face to face meeting with our business head!
3. You will then receive and accept our offer.
4. We will give youpersonal training & enhance your skills.
5. Finally, when you're ready, you will be responsible for generating loan leads & earn high income.

Ruloans Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.

RuloansDistribution Services Pvt. Ltd.belongs to Rushabh Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. Ruloans is India's largest financial distributor agency operating and providing DSA Loan Agents Program across below locations.

Mumbai Delhi and NCR Kolkata
Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad
Pune Ahmedabad Indore
Baroda Nagpur Lucknow
Kanpur Nashik Kolhapur
Gujarat Surat Nasik
Navi Mumbai Chandigarh

Ruloans Distribution Services has more than 10+ Branches spread across Mumbai.It also is one of the largest Direct Sales Associate or Loan agents operating in India with combinedteam experience of more than 12+ years.Ruloans began sourcing loans & credit cards since 2000 and have grown from strength to strength and became one of the largest Direct Sales Associate or Loan Agent for all Banks & NBFCs within PAN India.

Our association with almost every major Banks & NBFCs helps us in disbursing more than Rs. 5000 Crore per year. Over a period of time Ruloans became one of the largest players in the region of India.Ruloansabides by all norms and process that are laid by the company rules thatis unparallel to any in this Loan Industry.

Being a large Direct Sales Associate, smart financial distributor, and an exceptional Loan Agent, we have a strong presence in the offline space.Ruloans hasalso ventured in Digital Space with a core team that works throughour office.

Frequently Ask Questions for DSA Process in Ahmedabad

Yes. Let us be honest and tell you that our direct selling agent program for loans is available for any individual that is an Indian citizen interested in growing his income.

Ruloans major USP is that you won't get a payment concern ever.We will always give you faster money payouts for any loan type. Ruloans is known as one of the best loan paymasters in India. Every time your referred loan lead gets disbursed, Ruloanswill release your loan payout that will credit straight to your account.

Ruloanswill require you to submit KYC documents like the Aadhar card, Bank account details, PAN Card number etcif you wish to be a loan partner with Ruloans. This process of collecting documents is important as once your personal account checks out with our team, all your money will credit in that account itself.

After your fill our loan partner program form, and submit your basic documents for verification by our team, we will run a background check to ensure all data sent by you is verified. Once we verify your data, you will receive the next set of instructions to conduct loan business.

Please note that it is not a mandatory requirement to be part of the loan & banking background in order to join as a loan DSA with Ruloans organization. But we must also tell you that if you have any prior experience in Banks and Loans industry it will always be considered as an added advantage. With our training and network presence, you can govern and regulate loan leads in India.

As mentioned above, when you join us we make you your own boss. This means that as a loan DSA partner, you will coordinate with us &decide your working hours, how many leads you wish to generate, giveloan service to customers and also how much amount of money you wantto earn.

After our simple process of registration, you will start your loan lead generation. As mentioned in our meeting, you will know all money payout structures for every kind of loan product. Once you agree to this and sign our contract, you will get that payout every time your loan lead gets converted and amount gets disbursed.

Whether it's 1 or 10 customers that borrowed loans, Ruloans loan partner program you will always receive the payout on time provided each person uses your reference. Here the mantra is simple: More references = More money paid to you!

It is a general notion that when you have interest in your work, you grow faster than everyone else in your personal career. Hence if you're an individual that is interested in finding people borrow money via personal Banks then Ruloans DSA loan partner program is meant for you.

Why not? We at Ruloans believe to allow people choose their career path. You can choose your loan product and Ruloans will allow you to work on it. You can diversify your work and earn more money!


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