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What is Balance Transfer?

The concept of Balance Transfer has really made the lives of customers easier. Balance Transfer is basically the transfer of your loan or the amount owed in your credit card, to an account with another bank, which is then paid at the interest rates of the latter. Customers usually go for this when they find banks/financial institutions offering interest rates lower than their initial vendors.

How we can help?

It requires great deal of deliberation from the customer to understand and take the right decision with respect to a balance transfer. Even the banks too, approach with caution when taking up the responsibility of the transferred loan. In such cases, you definitely need the right support and guidance to help you through the process and give you the best deal in the market. And that’s exactly where RuLoans can help.

Our Balance Transfer Calculator can help you sift through the different comparisons based on your requirements. Taking into consideration all your existing data, as your outstanding loan amounts, remaining loan tenure etc, along with paying heed to the fine prints that might be applicable, we give you the best customized solution you can find.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Any Indian citizen in good standing who is salaried, self-employed or business person with regular source of income can apply for a credit card
  • The applicant should be above the age of 21 years
  • Should be currently employed with existing organization or been involved in your business for a specific number of years
  • There should not be any sort of bad credit in your name, running up to the transfer application. If it happens, there is a high probability that the bank might reject your application.
How do I know if a balance transfer is right for me?

If you have a high-interest credit card racking up debt and want to move this amount to a lower-interest card, balance transfer would prove to be a good option.

How do I know how much I should transfer?

You can’t transfer more debt than your new card has in available credit. Your credit utilization ratio should be about 30% for all lines of credit, so only move a balance smaller than the credit line on your new card.

Will I actually save money?

RuLoans offers you free balance transfer calculator, using which you can know how the interest rate you are currently paying on a balance and how much would be charged as banking fees, thus calculating your potential savings.

Where can I find the best balance transfer deals?

Well you are right here! RuLoans provides you with a comparative side-by-side result of the best deals suited to your liking.

Will a balance transfer hurt my credit score?

A single balance transfer might actually help your credit score by increasing the credit utilization ratio. But too many balance transfers might give off a signal that you are not interested in repaying the loans and are just shuffling around, which might leave a black mark.

How long does it take to process a balance transfer?

Though it mostly takes 7-10 days, it also depends on the vendor and the amount of time taken when paid by cheque.

User Review


Loan Transfer BT Topup Rated as "Great!"
by 2 Users

  • Great team and easy delivery of loan is what I would say. The approval process was very clear and the Ruloan team and Axis bank personal loan team was really helpful towards us.

    Review by Himanshu

    5 / 5 “Great!"

    Got a property loan of 2cr from Axis Bank.... Ruloans Guided me in the procedure. Axis bank support team also good.

    Review by S.Sharadkumar

    5 / 5 “Great!"