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EMI Calculator

Home Loan EMI Calculator

The monthly part-payment that you make to repay your Home Loan or Mortgage Loan may be known as an Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI). This monthly payment includes repayment of the principal amount of your loan divided over the period of the loan, with the agreed interest amount on the outstanding amount of your home loan.

Ruloans Home Loan EMI Calculator online is essential to make an up-to-date decision to execute your Home Loan Plan at optimum levels. This EMI calculator online aids you to perform complex computing functions to calculate your Home Loan Equated Monthly Instalment accurately in an instant.

Calculate your EMI for Home Loan

50,000 40,00,000
6.5 20
1 30
  • Monthly EMI


  • Total Interest Payable


  • Total Amount Payable

    (Principal + Interest)



How's a Home Loan EMI Calculated

You may calculate your Home loan EMI by dividing the period of your loan in months after putting together your Principal Loan Amount, and the Interest Payable on the Amount. Below is the Home Loan EMI Calculation Formula:

EMI = [ P x R x ( 1 + R ) ^ N ] / [ ( 1+R ) ^ N - 1 ]


  • P = Principal Loan Amount
  • R = Interest Rate per month
  • N = Period Of Loan in months

How to Use Home Loan EMI Calculator

Ruloans Online Digital Resources Tools enables you to calculate your Home Loan EMI, easily, quickly, and accurately.

You don't need to manually enter or key in values here. The slider method gives you the ease of use to pick-and-choose the right numerical values for quick results. Move the slider to indicate your choice of numerical values based on the following parameters.

  • Home Loan Amount or Value
  • Rate of Interest or ROI on Home Loan
  • Home Loan Tenure or Period

The Ruloans Home Loan EMI Calculator will present you with results simultaneously as you move the slider on the available parameters to your choice of numerical values. These calculations and results are instant and immediate on our proprietary, Loan EMI Calculator.


Factors Affecting Your Home Loan EMI

The factors that affect your home loan EMI are directly related to increasing or decreasing Cost of your Loan.

  • Home Loan Principal

    The term Principal means Primary Loan amount your lender agrees to approve and disburse as a Loan. Your Home Loan EMIs are directly proportional to the principal amount, i.e., higher your loan amount, higher your EMI.

  • Home Loan Interest Rate (ROI)

    The term Home Loan Interest Rate stands for the rate charged on the principal amount as a Loan by your Bank or NBFC. Home Loan EMI Rate differs from lender to lender, and higher home loan interest rates are indicative of higher loan costs, and higher EMI payments.

  • Home Loan Tenure

    The term Loan Tenure indicates the period of the loan in terms of the number of months given to repay your EMIs. Your Home Loan Tenure is inversely proportional to your EMI, which means that the longer your loan tenure, the lower your EMI.

  • Home Loan Processing Fee

    The overhead costs incurred to process your loan, from the time of application to approval and disbursal make up your Home Loan Processing Fee. This fee is payable at the time of application, in part or full, which at the discretion of the lender may be refundable or non-refundable.

  • Loan Prepayment

    Prepayment of loan is a facility offered by certain banks where the borrower can repay the loan amount in part or full before the actual repayment tenure for a charge known as a prepayment charge, or no charge at all.


What are the Advantages of the Ruloans Home Loan EMI Calculator

Ease of Use

Ruloans Home Loan EMI Calculator does not require you to manually enter any values. Select your loan value using the range sliders, and you have your result displayed instantly. This effortless process gives you real-time results without you having to worry about manual calculator deficiencies.

Automated Accurate Calculations

Ruloans Home Loan EMI Calculator does complicated percentage calculations providing you an accurate breakup of your finance charges including total interest payable and the value of the processing fee associated with your EMI.

Compare Loan Offers

Ruloans Home Loan Calculator gives you the advantage of comparing home loans offered by different lenders at different rates of interest and periods. Your EMIs thus reflect the best choice of a lender and offers that keep you ready to narrow down to best feasible options.

Choice of Right Tenure

Ruloans Home Loan Calculator enables you to make the right choice of loan tenure for a comfortable EMI payment plan. Depending on your level of comfort, you can select a short loan period with a higher EMI or a long loan period with a lower EMI.

Power to Negotiate

The Ruloans Home Loan EMI Calculator empowers you to negotiate a home loan with a bank or an NBFC of your choice since you are in a position to validate and verify detailed information about your repayment schedule presented to you by the tool.

Loan Management

Ruloans Home Loan EMI calculator may be used as a loan management tool, enabling you to revisit your financials to scout for prepayment options to match and choose rates of interest, and loan tenures for a secured and planned financial future.

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