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Gold Loan

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About Gold Loan

Gold loans are the quickest way to get funds for personal or business requirements. The funds from gold loans can be used for weddings, education, business expansion or any other similar purpose. With minimal documentation and secure storage, gold loans are a simple funding option to meet your needs.

Gold Loan Features

• Instant Disbursement

• Utmost safety of your Gold

• Client gets liquidity on Pledged Gold without selling them

• Client gets Overdraft Facility against Gold

• Flexible EMI Repayment option

• No Rejection

• No Income Documents Required or guarantor required

• Quick and Easy process with Minimum Documentation

• Attractive Interest Rate

• Maximum funding against your Gold value

Mandatory Requirement

• Age: Minimum 18 years

• Constitution: Resident Individual / Proprietor

• Gold Ornaments / articles above 18 carats

• KYC (Photo ID, Address, Signature Proof)

• 2 Photos

• 2 Security postdated cheque

Fees & Charges

Loan Gold Loan
Loan Processing Charges Upto 2% of Loan amount
Documentation charges Nil
Stamping Charges Applicable as per the respective State,s Stamp Act
Credit Administration Charges -
Credit Appraisal Charges -
Commitment Charges Rs. 1250/- per quarter or 0.5% per quarter of the limit un-utilized (applicable only to Overdraft facility where average quarterly limit utilization is below 50%)
Ove due Interest 3% of Overdue Amount, compounded monthly
Collection charges Rs. 250.0/-
Dishonour charges per Instance Rs. 750.0/-
Swap Charges( Replacement of PDCs) Upto Rs. 500/- per Swap per Instance
Prepayment Interest / Forclosure charges 2.5% of amount foreclosed for Overdraft & Term Loan - Bullet facility.
3% of amount foreclosed for Term Loan - EMI facility.
Duplicate Issue of NOC NA
Solvency Certificate NA
No Due Certificate NIL
Charges for furnishing a copy of the credit information report (CIBIL) to the applicant. Rs. 50/-
Charges applicable in case customer requests for copies of records pertaining to his transactions ( SOA / Amortization Schedule) First instance without any charge. Post that, Rs. 250/- per request.
APAC Reschedulement -
Part Foreclosure Charge -
Payment Processing Charge -
Valuation charges for used/RF vehicles -
Repossession charges -
Credit Adminstration charges -
Duplicate Foreclosure statement charges -
NOC for National Permit -
NOC for State permit -
NOC for change in Body type -
Rebooking of loans (due to change in borrowing structure, change of property / Asset / Collateral etc.) -
Change in Installment due date -
Change in property / Asset / Collateral -
Copy of any property/loan document -
Asset verification charges - immovable assets -
Legal / Incidental charges -
NOC to convert from Private to Commercial Registration -
NOC to convert from Commercial to Private Registration -
Re-issuance of Pay Order -

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