Personal Loan Calculator

What is Personal Loan EMI

EMI is short form "Equated Monthly Instalment" or the Amount that is payable per month if you take a personal loan of a certain amount for a certain period. The calculation of EMI depends on 3 main factors:

  • Personal Loan Amount – The Rupee value of the loan that you take
  • Personal Loan Interest Rate – The interest rate that the bank will charge for the Personal Loan
  • Tenure of Personal Loan – The period for which you take the Personal Loan

Loan Amount is 100000

No. of Month is 12

Rate of Interest [ROI] is 12.0

Monthly EMI
Total Interest
Payable Amount
Interest Percentage
Bank Name Interest Rate
Estimated EMI as Per Loan Amount
HDFC Bank 13.99% - 22.25%
Rs. - Rs.
ICICI Bank 13.49% - 17.5%
Rs. - Rs.
Bajaj Finserv 15.75% - 17%
Rs. - Rs.
Kotak Bank 11.50% - 20%
Rs. - Rs.

Our flexible and sophisticated online personal loan repayment EMI(Equated Monthly Instalment) calculator helps you to know your EMI that is most convenient and affordable for you and through which you can pay back comfortably.. To know how much you need to pay per month, you can use a personal loan calculator. You can choose your tenure and the amount you are comfortable to repay every month which suits your pocket. With the Personal EMI Calculator, you can also calculate the compound interest. You can know exactly how much will be the final amount that you part with including the interest.

Just enter a few loan details & calculate your EMI. The details that have to be entered in the EMI calculator include:

  • Loan Amount – Enter your Personal Loan amount that you would like to borrow. For Example: Rs. 3,00,000.
  • Interest Rate - The interest rate of the loan that you have selected
  • No. of Months – Enter the tenure of your Personal loan and calculate your monthly EMI. The EMI value decreases as the tenure of the Personal Loan increases, the EMI Calculator will calculate the varying EMIs applicable for varying tenures in Months.