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Getting Started

Why Trust Ruloans and Become a Ruloans Business Partner

We only collaborate with someone who we trust so that we can grow to succeed in trusting each other. We have a thousand and one reasons why you must trust us, but the best reason would be because your success inspires us, we do everything in our capacity to make things easy for you.

  • Ruloans Distribution Services Private Limited, the fastest growing one-stop shop for all types of Loans, Credit Cards, Fixed Deposits, and Insurance covers more than 750 cities in India to serve 500 million under-served borrowers. Our conversion rate based on approval and disbursal of loans delights both our customers and our Referral or Business Partners.

  • We do business of more than 1200 crores per month, and are one of the best paymasters in the finance industry. Check our slab-wise incentive structures for referral partners; you'll be motivated to succeed where you could not.

  • Access of offers from our portfolio of more than 150 Partner Banks and NBFCs encourages people to plan their finances with great confidence, and select the best loan to suit their financial needs and preferences, bringing in faster and conversions that mean commissions for you.

  • Ruloans' 24/7 Digital Resources Platform has automated tools to make the process of availing loans easy for customers anywhere at any time. Tools based on proprietary algorithm are built for accuracy so that customers don't have to return to the drawing board again-and-again to ensure faster approval and disbursal of loans leading to quicker approvals and referral commission payouts.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming Ruloans Business Partner

As a Ruloans Business Partner or Referral Partner, the Ruloans Business Partner Program features benefits beyond the ordinary.

  • Best Referral Commission and Business Payouts
  • You are your Own Boss
  • As a partner, your part of high-potential booming financial industry
  • Pursue an alternate career or run another business along with your Ruloans Business Partnership in accordance with your Ruloans Business Partner Agreement
  • Investment Free Enterprise without Deposit
  • No Legwork - Just Refer - Last Mile by Ruloans
  • Reach out to Add Contacts to your Business Contacts Diary to build a source of life-long income
  • No Time Constraints - Flexible Timings
  • Be a Recognized Channel Partner of Ruloans, a National Loan Distribution House
  • Lucrative Slab-Wise Incentives
  • Attractive Referral Bonus
  • If you're already a Loan Agent for other Banks, you have access to Ruloans portfolio of Well-Known Banks and NBFCs
  • Promote your interests as a Ruloans Business Partner
  • Easy Online Loans Application and EKYC for Faster Processing of Loans
  • Online System for Referral Tracking
  • Instant Commissions in your 'Business Partner Account'

How Can You Become a Ruloans Business Partner

The Ruloans Business Partner Program Registration takes place in the following manner.



Fill in Registration Details and Submit


Receive Call

Ruloans Team will then call you to guide, and co-ordinate a Face-to-Face Meeting



Ruloans Manager will explain to you all you need to know about Generating Leads



Sign your Ruloans Business Partner Agreement

Ruloans Agent documentation process happens to be a minimal and simple process. You need to submit your documents for KYC, which include.

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    Identity Proof

    • Aadhaar Card
    • PAN
    • Voter ID
    • Passport
    • Driving License

Once the documents are submitted in advance, and duly verified, Ruloans will welcome you as a Ruloans Agent.

Who Can Register as a Ruloans Business Partner

Any person looking for career growth and income enhancement can become a Ruloans Business Partner. To be eligible, you should be minimum 18 years of age, and a resident India with documents to prove your claim.

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    • Lawyers
    • Chartered Accountants
    • Company Secretaries
    • Doctors, etc.
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    • Real Estate
    • Consultants
    • Advisors
    • Brokers
    • Wealth Managers
    • Mutual Fund Agents
    • Insurance Agents, etc.
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What Happens to the Leads You Refer

Ruloans treats every lead from a Business Partner or Referral Partner as an important reference to be treated with utmost care. Each lead goes through the following process.

  • Ruloans assigns an eligible and non-duplicate lead to a skilled Loan Officer.
  • The Loan Officer then takes up the responsibilities of finds out the loan needs of the lead. He then runs the requirements through computerized algorithmic processes to ascertain loan eligibility, and offers from Ruloans portfolio of Banks and NBFCs.
  • The officer then gets back to the client and suggests the best options available. On making a-choice, the officer then takes up the role of co-ordinating with the financial institution and the client for the loan request.
  • The client can then co-ordinate for service online.
  • You as a Ruloans Business Partner can track the status of the lead live.

What Commission will you Earn by Referring Leads

You are eligible for a commission on a referral's loan approval takes place, and he or she receives the loan amount in the assigned bank account. Ruloans will discuss these payouts in details during your signing-up as a Ruloans Business Partner.

What Are the Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable on your signing-up as a Ruloans Business Partner.

  • Commissions will be paid only on the amount of the disbursed loans.
  • Commissions do not apply for leads that are not eligible, or for duplicate leads.
  • Commissions will be subject to Tax Deduction at Source as applicable.
  • Commissions will reflect in your 'Business Partner Account' on loan disbursal.
  • Commissions accrued will be paid in accordance with the 'Ruloans Business Partner' Agreement.
  • Ruloans will not be responsible for expenditure of any other kind incurred.
  • Commissions will be inclusive of Good and Services Tax or GST.

What are the Lead Eligibility Criteria

A Business Partner or Referral Partner will make sure that all leads are eligible leads, and not duplicate leads before passing on the leads to Ruloans. The leads will go through an eligibility check every time you pass on the lead.