ADCB Credit Card

Ruloans has been helping customers borrow right in India for nearly a decade. After serving customers effectively in our home nation, we are happy to announce our latest venture will take place in the international market. Yes, Ruloans will now be serving the financial needs of the customers in Dubai.

We have partnered with “Legacy Smart” and have registered under “Dubai Multi Commodities Centre” to ensure smooth working in the capital. The entire sales operations will be handled by Ruloans. Our managerial team pledge to work with full efficiency to offer the best services to our customers; old and new. Our new office will be based in “Al Shafar” with staff strength of 40+ exceptional individuals.

Dubai has not only been a shopping destination but also a good place for business. The economy is increasing at a rapid pace and has been influential in world trade. With a lot of tourist attractions, gold markets and shopping festivals, the footfall generated in Dubai increases with each year. Understanding the finance requirements of the customers, Ruloans now has exciting deals on credit cards for everyone in Dubai.

When you apply via Ruloans, you can get an ADCB credit card with exciting reward benefits. The ADCB which is also known as the “Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank” is one of the most trusted banks in Dubai. ADCB offers many types of credit cards in Dubai that offer various schemes, deals and reward points on purchases made swiping the credit card. Hence you can earn rewards for every swipe in the form of deals on cash back on shopping, fuel, complimentary lounge access at the airports all around the world, frequent flying miles, hotel bookings, loan schemes etc.

Ruloans has a legacy of being effective in our work and we bring the same commitment and team spirit in Dubai. We pledge to always help you borrow right in order to turn your future purchasing into a pleasant experience.

Operating Office for DSA Services - Dubai
Ruloans legacy DMCC
Address: Office No 127, Al Shafar Investment Building,
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai – UAE
Phone: +971-45235600